The Push/Pull/Legs Split Routine

Push_Pull_LegsThe push/pull/legs workout routine is a classic way to break up your workouts. One of the biggest advantages is simplicity and it has proven results.

This routine involves training different parts of the body on different days. The body is split into 3 parts that include, as you can guess: the pulling muscles of the upper body, then the pushing muscles of the upper body, and then the leg muscles.

Push/Pull/Legs Split – the 7 Day cycle:

You train for just 3 days and get a break of at least one day after your session. The resting period is important because it allows your body to recover before you hit the next session.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the workout days used in this routine.

  1. Monday: Push  workout ( Shoulders, chest, triceps)
  2. Tuesday: rest
  3. Wednesday: Pull workout  ( Biceps, back)
  4. Thursday: rest
  5. Friday: Legs workout  (Hamstrings, Abs, Calves, Quads)
  6. Saturday: rest
  7. Sunday: rest


  • The 7 day cycle routine is easy to adopt and therefore it is the most suitable to fix into your day-to-day schedule.
  • The frequent resting days are important for beginners because their bodies have a low recovery rate as compared to experienced individuals (i.e., they take longer to recover).
  • This routine can also be useful if you are seeking to keep fit while still maintaining your current strength and muscles.


  • The routine’s main weakness is that each group of muscles only gets trained once in a week.
  • It is the least effective method to follow for those who want to increase strength, build muscles or increase performance.


The 5 day cycle:

To reduce inflammation and improve growth, you will require a diet with a lot of vital fatty acids and proteins.

Week 1

  1. Monday: Push workout  (Shoulders, chest, triceps)
  2. Tuesday: Pull workout (Biceps, back)
  3. Wednesday: rest
  4. Thursday: Legs workout (Hamstrings, Abs, Calves, Quads)
  5. Friday: rest
  6. Saturday: Push (Shoulders, chest, triceps)
  7. Sunday: Pull (Biceps, back)

Week 2

  1. Monday: rest
  2. Tuesday: Legs workout (Hamstrings, Abs, Calves, Quads)
  3. Wednesday: rest
  4. Thursday: Push workout  (Shoulders, chest, triceps)
  5. Friday: Pull workout  (Biceps, back)
  6. Saturday: rest
  7. Sunday: Legs workout  (Hamstrings, Abs, Calves, Quads)


  • Unlike the previous routine whereby each group of muscles was exercised 2 times per every two weeks this 5 day cycle means that every muscle group is now exercised 3 times in every 2 weeks.
  • This routine is especially efficient for people that have gained the basics of the first routine and are getting very experienced in the gym.
  • It is good for pumping up those muscles and maintaining a good body performance – i.e., you will get bigger gains with this routine.


  • The workout days for the first routine are always fixed but for the 5 day cycle case, you will notice that the days you are active and those that you rest will keep changing from one week to another. This can be annoying if you have a very fixed schedule.
  • This routine is bound to give you the best results in terms of muscles but it simply takes more time making it hard to complete without some serious dedication or flexible schedule!

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