What’s the Best Wheatgrass Powder?

wheatgrass drink and powderWheatgrass powder is the concentrated essence of the wheatgrass plant, also known among fitness aficionados as “an energizing bomb”. It can be mixed with water if you want “a green energy boost drink” or it can be added to smoothies and even to juices. So, it is up to you to decide what suits you the best.

Did you know that 100 g of wheatgrass powder is equal to 23 kg of fresh vegetables? The reason it is more nutritious than some vegetables is that it contains protein, chlorophyll, calcium, lysine, vitamin C and other micronutrients, such as B-complex vitamins and amino acids (Reference).

However, people buy it for many reasons, depending on what their needs are. There are people who workout and who need more energy and endurance and there are those who use it because it helps in having healthier skin, hair, and nails.

Furthermore, some people use it because it helps the body in the detoxification process and in removing acidity from the system, while others use it to stay healthy since it boosts the immune system naturally. Overall, it’s got a lot of health benefits.

In addition, they like it because it is convenient to use. That basically means, when you do not have time and desire to go to the store and to prepare your meals, you should use this as an alternative.

So, if you have not tried wheatgrass powder yet, now would be the time to do it. Moreover, we highly recommend you to try it out, as soon as possible. You will be surprised with what this product has to offer.

Recommended products – Which is the Best WheatGrass Powder?

So, we told you some of the main benefits of this product, now we want to help you in choosing the best. Although they are all excellent and trusted products, they typically differ in some features, so you should choose them according to your needs and plans. Below is the list of our rankings. Let us start with number five:

  1. Navitas Naturals Organic Wheatgrass Powder

If you are one of those people who study all night or work hard and you feel tired every day, you should try out this product.



-Helps with fatigue



-Tends to dissolve improperly

  1. Brightcore Nutrition, Sweet Wheat Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

If your immune system is weak, then this product would be the right choice for you. It is very nourishing which means it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, amino acids, beta-carotene, and enzymes.


– Dairy and soy free

– It naturally boosts the immune system due to its nutritional benefits


-Not so easy to digest

  1. Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food Wheat Grass


-No filler, or added sugars

-No synthetic chemicals

-Enables better nutrient absorption


-The taste is not for everyone

This product can be very useful for you, but you will have to give your best to get used to its awkward taste. But, we believe that once you feel its benefits, the flavor will no longer be a problem.

  1. Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass

This product is 100% organic, whole leaves wheatgrass.


-Practical and easy to use because it contains 15 individual packets

-Easily digested


-Does not mix well

You are going to love this product because it is very convenient and you can take it with you wherever you go.

  1. Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Original

“Amazing Grass” is a trusted company that provides high-quality products, USDA Certified Organic.


-Gives you an energy boost

-Gluten free



-Bland, natural taste, not everyone loves it

This product is for anyone who takes care of their health and tends to keep an optimal level of energy without having a problem with the natural flavor of the product. If you, for example, workout every day and you want to see even better results of your commitment and consistency, you should definitely choose this one. You will be amazed by its benefits.

Tips for Using Wheatgrass Powders:

We all need vitamins for our body to function properly. Whatever reasons you have for consuming this product, you will certainly benefit from it. All those vitamins, minerals, and amino acids will help you to feel energized and healthier.

wheatgrassWheatgrass is very concentrated so you should keep in mind that in this case, more is not better. According to experts, you should drink an ounce or two every morning, on an empty stomach, although this cannot be applied to everyone. Some authorities take the position that there is not enough evidence to confirm how big a dose you should take. So keep in mind that this isn’t exactly clear cut at this time.

What I would say is that you will get the best out of wheatgrass powder if you consume it about an hour prior to a meal since that way your body can fully metabolize it and it may also curb hunger. You should also drink a lot of water (at least a liter) with the juice to reap its maximum nutritional benefits. Taking wheatgrass as a supplement is a great way to increase your immunity in a natural way.

It should be stored in a cold and dry place, with the lid tightly sealed.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are various ways to consume it and it is up to you to decide which one is the most convenient. You can mix it with water, or add it to juice and smoothies. There are many recipes online that can be useful to you. We encourage you to try out what tastes and works best for you.


Now that you have read about this neat product, you have a choice to make. You know what is good for you and there is no doubt that the above list is made up of five tried and true products. However, we would like to single out Amazing Grass brand since it represents everything you need to be the best you can be. We hope you enjoyed this fitness guide, now get to work!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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