What’s the Best Pre-Workout for Women?

Pre workout headerThe pre-workout supplement market is flooded with so many different products it will make your head spin. Just browsing for a few minutes will show you that many of these products are marketed for men. They have pictures of large muscular guys on the cover and make promises about massive muscle growth. They seem to send a pretty clear message that they aren’t really designed for women.

But nowadays, more and more women are using pre-workout supplements. This has caused the industry to change their approach and actually start designing specific products for women. Now what does this mean? Do they just change the packaging and sell the same product? 

The truth is, the products that are marketed to men are also suitable for women. So rest assured, a preworkout for women is not usually that different from all the other ones on the shelf. 

But there are a few key distinctions. Firstly, women typically have different fitness goals than men. Rather than bulk up, the goal is more often to tone. Now that’s a huge generalization because everyone’s goals are different (and some women have the same goals as men), but I think it holds true for the most part. The other issue is that women are typically smaller than men, so the serving sizes are likely to be smaller. 

Those two key distinctions bring us to the new line of pre-workout supplements that are aimed directly at women. When comparing them to the products aimed at men, there are a few differences in the ingredients that you’ll see.

The first difference is that creatine content is usually lowered or eliminated in these female focused products. This reflects that generalization about women wanting to focus less on bulking up than on cardio or toning.

The second difference is the reduction and elimination of D-asparic acid and other ingredients that help boost testosterone. Again, this reflects the reduced desire to bulk up and makes the product designed more directly with women in mind.

So when you look at our list below, you will see that there are both types of pre-workouts – the ones aimed directly at women and other ones that are not aimed directly at women but are still suitable for females to use. With that introduction, we have reviewed the top 4 products on the market and have given our thoughts on which ones are the best pre workouts for women.


1. Fit Miss Ignite Women’s Pre Workout

The first one on our list is Ignite, which is formulated especially for women. It can address several issues, including  the motivation to do a workout. This supplement is filled with  superior ingredients such as glycine, taurine and beta-alanine backed by Advantra Z and l-carnitine, a fat-burning compound.

This particular product is designed to aid in converting fat into energy, promoting healthy body and improving endurance. The l-carnitine  composition can boost the body’s ability to burn fat and delay muscle fatigue.

The trademark Advantra-Z is a  thermogenic, with functions that support muscle and energize the body. It also claims to increases the thermal effects of food in women and modifies the way fat is metabolized. Lastly, beta-alanine delays fatigue of neuromuscles during endurance exercises. It can definitely improve your workout. Ignite comes in orange and grape juice flavors.


2. ZIP by Femme Nutrition: 

ZIP markets itself as a pre workout designed by women for women. So it falls into the category of pre-workouts that aren’t for men. Just women (subject to the caveats discussed above).

It contains L-carnitine and beta-alanine to improve endurance and promote fat burning. It has caffeine in it, so expect the type of boost that you normally feel from caffeine.

In terms of taste, it has a pretty generic taste to it. It’s nothing special. It’s palatable, but not anything to remember. I find that taste isn’t a big factor for me – the better it tastes, usually means that there is more garbage in it like artificial sweeteners, etc.

Lastly, with respect to price, it’s on the high end so it’s not necessarily something to start out with if you’re just looking to dabble.


3. Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN Pre Workout

Transparent Labs is created for men and women alike, but we recommend it for females because of  its potent thyroid support and fat burning complex, including  zinc, chromium picolinate and guggulsterones. This is effective in targeting stubborn fat in the body while  avoiding the loss of lean muscles.

Transparent Labs is developed to be an outstanding pre-workout supplement. The key ingredients are at clinically effective dosages, and they include beta-alanine, citruline malate, taurine, betaine, synephrine, hordenine and some amino acids. It  does  not have fillers, colored dyes and other harmful additives. The supplement is in powder form and comes in protein-sized jugs. They recommend you take it  20 to 30 minutes before  working out. For a start, it is recommended to mix half a scoop with 6 to 8 fluid ounce of water. Eventually, you can take a full scoop and  mix it with 12 to 16 fluid ounces  of water.


4. AI Sports Nutrition Furious

On the 4th spot is a strong  energy-based supplement best taken before working out. This product blasts fat, ignites energy and fights fatigue. It is created as an all-purpose energy drink that  improves your stamina.  

Each serving of Furious contains CarnoSyn, a fatigue fighter and patented form of Beta-Alanine. Aside from this, electrolytes are added for hydration, along with instigator complex that amplifies energy, and taurine that builds muscles. Grape seed extract is also added. This is an antioxidant that benefits our cardiovascular system and boosts our immune system. 


5. NLA For Her – Uplift

upliftThis 5th item on the list falls into the category of pre-workouts that are made just for women. This is a strong product that is designed to increase focus and performance. It comes specifically recommended for doing high intensity cardio workouts.

I definitely recommend this brand. I like their BCAA products as well.

This particular product gives you great energy but won’t make you jittery – a tough balance to find. Overall, Uplift is one worth trying out!


How Women Can Get the Best Results from Pre-Workout Supplements:

Pre workoutUsing a pre workout drink for women can be kind of confusing. The instructions aren’t always clear. In my experience, I recommend that you take it 15 – 30 minutes in advance of your workout. That will give it time to start working. Each product has slightly different instructions, so make sure you read the package to be sure how to achieve the best results.

But definitely try tweaking your timing based on how your body reacts.

The other thing that is annoying is that a lot of these products contain caffeine, so this could mess with your sleep if you take them in the evening. That’s why I recommend staying away from them if you’re working out after 6-7 pm.

You can also get caffeine-free pre workout supplements that won’t have that same effect. That being said, caffeine is still a good ingredient if you use it properly.

The other thing that you want to avoid is developing a tolerance for these products. You will find that you get less and less of a boost from them if you take them all the time. So only use them when you really need them. If you’ve got energy and are ready to go, don’t just take a pre workout out of habit.

You’ll also want to try a few different products out because they all affect people differently. If you ask around, you’ll find that people change up their pre-workout supplements all the time. This is largely because the supplements feel like they lose their effects after a while.

What’s your experience with Pre-workout supplements? Leave a comment and let us know!

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