The Best Back and Biceps Workout

pull upBuilding your back and biceps can be a challenge. If you’ve been working out for a while, you’ll know that you can’t keep doing the same exact exercises over and over and you need to change it up.

For this reason, we’ve set out our ultimate back and biceps workout, below. This is a list of 10 exercises to work into your back/biceps routine. If you can do them all in one workout, you’ll be sure to hit your fitness goals!

1. Low-Cable Row (Seated):

This particular exercise requires you to keep proper form. It’s a challenge of core stability, as much as a challenge for your back muscles. Try not to move through your hips when you’re doing the exercise and focus on pinching your scapula together when pulling.

Ideally, you should hit 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

2. Bent-over dumbbell rows:

This exercise involves resting on a weight bench with one knee and one arm holding you up, then pulling a dumbbell to your waist line. Doing this properly will ensure a good lat workout.

3. Pull ups:

Pull ups are very difficult for people that aren’t used to doing them.  If you haven’t got much experience with pull ups, you should aim at doing 3 pull up sets with 8 to 10 repetitions for each set.

However, if you can’t manage all these, just give it your best shot because you will improve. You can also try weight-assisted pull ups, if you have access to the right equipment. 

These are an excellent compound exercise that works your back and biceps, but also engages your core and other muscles.

Here is a brief video for doing a perfect pull up:

4. Lat Pull:

This exercise should be done with the aim of getting a good contraction. In order to do it right, you should pull your elbows as low as possible and ensure that your back remains upright. Don’t swing your body backwards.

Aim at reaching 4 sets with 8 to 10 repetitions in each set. This exercise comes with fatigue and so you should take 20 second breaks between the sets. The workout is effective on back muscles and the lats. When the fatigue kicks in, it might be important to remind yourself that it will help you body build some new muscles!

5. Rope Straight-Arm Pull down:

The dumbbell pullovers and the pull downs are quite similar but the latter offers a better range of motion. Make sure to keep the arms straight and don’t do it like a tricep pull down. Here is a guide to doing it correctly.

In this particular pull down, a rope is used for the exercise, which is an improvisation of the commonly used straight bar. The rope ensures that your body pulls back further and hence not limiting your range of motion. 

6. Low Pull:

To execute this exercise effectively, ensure that your chin remains upright and your chest is high. Bending forward is cheating because your triceps and chest will start pushing – you won’t get the same back and biceps workout. 

7. Barbell Biceps Curl:

This exercise is broken down to 3 sets of repetitions. The first is a set of 7 full repetitions, you follow this up with 7 repetitions from the top to your waistline. The final set involves 7 repetitions in the opposite direction, from the bottom to your waistline.

8. Dumbbell Spider Curl:

Here’s a guide for doing the spider curl. At this stage of the routine, you will require all your inner and mental strength to beat the fatigue in your body. Keep reminding yourself that the more you keep pushing yourself the more muscles you build. 

9. Reverse Curl:

In this case less is more; you should not go heavy on this exercise because your forearms will already be weary. Be sure to keep your thumbs on top of the bar. 

10. Alternating Dumbbell Biceps Curl:

This is the last set of the routine, it is a drop set with several drops. The trick in this set is doing as many repetitions as possible.

You should start with the heavy dumbbells and push yourself to failure; keep going by picking lighter dumbbells and repeating same until you are done or can’t do anymore.


Well there it is – the ultimate back/bicep workout routine. If you can get through these exercises you will definitely be feeling it the next day!

Have any exercises to add – leave a comment below!

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