profile photoThinkHealthiness.com was started by me, Adam Ferguson, as a place to publish articles about health, fitness, nutrition and other ways to help people improve their health.

I really believe that having the right knowledge is the key to making the right decisions in relation to things like your diet or your exercise regimen. That’s what I try to provide here on this site.

When I was growing up I was always very active, but never made fitness/diet a huge priority because I didn’t need to. As I grew up and started working, I realized that staying in shape wasn’t so easy! It took work and I needed to prioritize health. Our lives in North America are not optimized for activity and health – they’re optimized for sedentary living and laziness.

In terms of my personal journey, I had a big health scare that gave me a real wake up call. Too many years of not focusing on my health lead to some serious problems. From there I started to really focus on anything health related and I developed a real passion for nutrition and fitness. That passion turned into a near-obsession, and here I am today. I’m 29 and love writing about these issues.

We have other health writers publish articles on ThinkHealthiness from time to time, but I’m the primary writer/editor. The site is organized into three broad categories: Nutrition, Fitness, and Remedies.

In all honesty, ThinkHealthiness was started out of frustration from sifting though all the health information on the internet.  I wanted to create a place that had reliable tips that you can use to take steps to change your diet or improve your fitness.

A lot of websites don’t really provide useful information that might allow you to take action. On one hand you’ve got a lot of websites that give basic information and recommendations but don’t provide much depth. On the opposite extreme, you can find dry medical studies but it’s hard to synthesize that into actionable information.

Our philosophy at ThinkHealthiness.com when it comes to health is summed up by the well known proverb: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  We’re not here to provide medical advice for serious illnesses; That’s what your doctor is for. We want to give our audience useful tips to help with food, dieting, nutrition and many other ways to get healthy.

Further, we’re not here to help elite athletes reach some peak performance level. We’re focused on average people that have busy lifestyles who want to make some positive changes. ThinkHealthiness isn’t going to get you on the cover of a fitness magazine, but we hope it will help you feel better and have a healthier lifestyle.

This site is about taking responsibility for your health. We’re not going to provide any magic pill that will make you lose weight or immediately get healthy. You have to take action and recognize that dietary and exercise decisions are yours alone.  Making changes takes time. You need to be the solution.

Many people have tried and failed with so many different diets. That’s why our focus is on building healthy habits and getting “small wins”, as opposed to trying to turn your whole life upside down overnight with a completely different diet. We believe in making big changes in your life, but they have to come gradually. It’s about progress, not perfection.

If this is what you’re looking for, then I think you’ll love our site!

If you need to get in touch with us, please use the contact form or leave a comment on any of our articles.